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DIA丹健国际是由中德多位设计师合伙成立的国际化设计团队,在深圳、上海、德国Herford均设有创作团队和顾问团队。 DIA主要从事高端酒店、办公、住宅、会所、商业空间、交通枢纽等公共空间的室内设计,是华侨城、融创、华润、招商、汉京、鹏瑞、百仕达等一线地产商长期战略合作伙伴,拥有如上海华侨城苏河湾、上海洛克外滩源、融创北京壹号院、深圳湾壹号、深圳华侨城新天鹅堡、上海华润外滩九里等一系列重量级作品,并以其良好的信誉和稳健的作风赢得了业内一致赞誉。

Dejoy International Architects (DIA) is a global design firm founded by designers from China and Germany. We have our design and consultant teams in Shenzhen, Shanghai in China and Herford in Germany. DIA mainly focuses on design for public space such as premium hotel, office, residence, club, commercial space, and transportation hub. We have a long term partnership with OCT, CRland, Sunac, Merchants, Hanking, Parkland, Sinolink real estate enterprise and so on. Our works include a series of master pieces in Top cities like, Shanghai OCT Suhe creek, Shanghai Rockbund, Sunac Beijing One Sino Park, One Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Swan Fort, Shanghai CRland the Bound of Bund and more. We have gained remarkable testimonial in the interior design industry due to the great reputation and steady style of work.


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Dejoy International Architects 丹健国际